Founder: Dr. Ron Dvir is the founder of Innovation Ecology (2000), co-founder Future Center Alliance (2008) Expert: Future Centers Planning, Innovation Engines, Innovation Systems, Knowledge Management Teaching: Knowledge Management, Innovation Management , Innovation Engines Education: PhD. Intellectual Capital Management, MsC. Computer Integrated Manufacturing , BSc. Industrial Engineering CKO: Chief Knowledge Officer, ECI Telecom (1996-2000) Passion : embedding art into scientific and business work/world Editor and architect of the OpenFutures Operating system Co-editor: From Knowledge to Value – unfolding the innovation cube, Are you ready to Disrupt IT – an illustrated guide to disruptive innovation Researcher: initiator, architect and co-leader of several large scale international research consortia: NIMCube, Disrupt-IT, Wear-IT, Rodeo, Symphony, KnowledgeBoard 2, OpenFutures Co-organizer: Future Center Summits 5 Dutch FCs, Leonardo Exploration tour , KnowledgeBoard Greenwich Contactivity event, Amsterdam KM Fringe

>>>>>>>>A paper about Ron Dvir in Inside Knowledge Magazine, May 2008<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<