Nov. 2010 Forthcoming: The 4th international Future Center summit will take place in 24-26 November, hosted by Fuji Xerox Knowledge Dynamics Initiative (KDI).  
  Oct. 2010 R&D 2015+ : an expert seminar of the future R&D environment. WE presented the concept of "The building blocks of Innovation Centers" with many case studies. One participant said: "it was an eye opener, you opened for a new dimension"  
  Spt. 2010 A collaborative workshop, "Co-creating a Blue print for our Future Center" , with a global hi-Tech enterprise.  
  Aug. 2008 We worked with the youth village Kfar Galim to transform it into "An Engine for Sustainable Innovation", based on 12 micro innovation centers. The village is ready to start its operation in 1st September 2010.  

Nov. 2009

Forthcoming: a series of Future Centers events in China: master-class in the 2nd international Knowledge Cities conference in Shenzhen, seminar in Xian, workshop in Hong Kong with Hong Kong PolyU and more.


Oct. 2009

A new blog on the "Ecology of Innovation" was launched by Ron Dvir in the website of the Technion Knowledge center for Innovation.


Spt. 2009

A meeting of the Idea-Hotel group met in Zurich to outline a development roadmap for the concept. 


Jul. 2009

A master class "The Building Blocks of Innovation" in Academy SZW, the Hague, Netherlands, to prototype their Next Generation Future Center.


Jun. 2009

A stimulating Master class- the Building Blocks of Future Centers  - in the ISPIM conference of innovation professionals, held this year in Vienna. More than 30 participants prototyped several Future Centers in the public and private domains. 


Jun. 2009

After acting for 5 years  as an official Educational Experiment, the PISGA Beer Sheva celebrated its success by launching an "Electronic Book". The book summarizes the ideas, values, tools and more than 10 case studies of educational innovation conducted by the center.


May. 2009

The third International future Centers Summit took place this year in Stockholm. We focused this time on Social Innovation.  Read here about the summit. The first summit took place in the Netherlands in 2005 and was a traveling exploration tour between 5 Dutch future centers. The 2nd summit, the Leonardo da Vinci exploration tour, took place in Tuscany. Innovation Ecology, one of the leaders of the international future centers community, was a key player in all summits.


Feb. 2009

We presented the Future Center concept and other innovation engines ideas at the Malta Living Labs conference. Additional highlights of this tour: a meeting with Edward de Bono, and a visit to and meeting with the heads of Malta Smart City, a fascinating new innovative town.