What is a Future Center?

Future centers are special working environments that help organizations and people break out of patterns and routines, see issues from multiple perspectives, and choose effective courses of action. They are high-touch, technology-enhanced learning spaces, which enable people to create, develop, prototype, and communicate ideas, strategies, plans, solutions and actions that help them to:

q deal effectively with today’s challenges;

q achieve middle- and long-term goals;

q deliver sustainable solutions and results.

A Future Center is an organizational, physical, methodological and virtual space. It is a mental space, an affective space, and above all a people space. It exists across time, moving between past, present and future as it navigates knowledge and experiential pathways to achieve its objectives. (Hank KUne, 2008)

isit the website of open-futures and explore 15 case studies - future centers in different domains.