The master class/workshop

The master class/ workshop is a collaborative exploration of ideas, possibilities and opportunities around Future Centers and other Future oriented working environments. We will prototype together your new/existing innovation center, using multiple perspectives and aspects– considered as the "building blocks of Innovation/Future Centers". We will build on the imagination and experience of the participants, as well as learning from more than 30 innovation/future centers explored by the international OpenFutures project. The workshop framework is based on the OpenFutures operating system for innovation/future center.

CONTENT: Introduction to Future Center > Exploring each building blocks > exploring case studies > virtual tour to 30 FCs > Prototyping for your organization: needs, challenge, vision, principles, services, buis. model, physical and technological aspects and much more.

Highly interactive, explorative.


A 2 days workshop to plan & prototype  your future center (or for making your normal working environment more creative).